Thursday, October 24, 2013

Episode 22: Many Changes

Hi and welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot and Lady G Podcast!

Our first Sock KAL:
Runs through October 14th-December 14th, 2013!
You can knit any pair of socks you want to, and they must be a pair!
-I got a haircut :)
-I will be recording regularly again in this location!

Hats for friends!

-Socks for a zombie :).
*knitted out of spring fling, luxury sock
*knitted on size 1 needles.
-Classic Yankee Sock

Anna's Swing Sweater:
Knitted on size 7 needles, out of Grape, "I love this yarn!" from Hobby Lobby.

That's it for this week! Have an awesome week.

Note: Depending on the schedule, the new recording day will be Thursday every week!


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