Sunday, November 10, 2013

Episode 24: Warmth for Warriors

Hi, and welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot and Lady G Podcast! I am Anna your host, and welcome!

Sockalong: Runs through October 14th-December 31st!! It has been extended!
Warmth for Warriors KAL: November 2013-December 31, 2013
All hats can be sent to the following address:
Warmth for Warriors
P.O. Box 353
Rudyard, MI   49780

All hats can be knitted in any pattern as long as they are a dark color such as: dark green, gray, black, etc.
Link can be found here: Warmth for Warriors' Website

Dreamin Color Starry Miami Red Socks
Classic Socks for the Family by Yankee Designs
Knitted out of Dreamin Color Starry: Miami Red.
Knitted on size 1 DPNS.

Warmth for Warriors hat #1
Knitted out of "I love this Yarn" from Hobby Lobby (the gray)
the black, stash yarn
knitted on size 7 needles.

Sweet Hearts and Brains Cowl
-knitted from Simply Soft Cowl by Melissa Thomson
Knitted out of Sweet Hearts and Brains yarn from Fable Fibers.
Knitted on size 7 bamboo needles.

Vince's Socks
Knitted out of Gentry Gray yarn from Pat's Kroy sock
Knitted on size 1 needles.
Socks for the Family by Yankee Designs.

That is it for this week, have a great week!
PS: Dad got the volume working, Thanks Daddy! It was an easy fix! :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Episode 23: That's That

Part One of That's That
Sorry no show notes, it's Halloween! :)
Part Two:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Episode 22: Many Changes

Hi and welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot and Lady G Podcast!

Our first Sock KAL:
Runs through October 14th-December 14th, 2013!
You can knit any pair of socks you want to, and they must be a pair!
-I got a haircut :)
-I will be recording regularly again in this location!

Hats for friends!

-Socks for a zombie :).
*knitted out of spring fling, luxury sock
*knitted on size 1 needles.
-Classic Yankee Sock

Anna's Swing Sweater:
Knitted on size 7 needles, out of Grape, "I love this yarn!" from Hobby Lobby.

That's it for this week! Have an awesome week.

Note: Depending on the schedule, the new recording day will be Thursday every week!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Episode 21 Part One: Baby Knitting for Friends & Family

Finished Objects

Baby Socks

and a cute baby blanket with a matching baby hat...

a playful baby blanket..

Ruggedly Baby Blanket

I'm not sure if I'll record this week, been taking a mini podcast break. (Okay, so I want to get the ruggedly baby blanket done!). So maybe I'll record on Saturday or the latest this Sunday.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Episode 20: 6th month anniversary! :)

Happy 6th month of recording! I am Anna your host! It is October 1st!

Click for Babies:
We had 76 hats being donaed!
Thank you to Pens, Hooks and Needle podcast for sending your hats, and thank you to everyone who entered!
Watch for the winner! :)

Our Next KAL:
Start date: October 1st, 2013
End Date: January 1st, 2013
There will be prizes!

That's it, have an awesome week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Episode 19: Remembering 9/11

Hi everyone, and welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot! I am your host, Anna. My furry co hosts are Ansel and Greta, also known as Sir Anselot and Lady G!


Happy birthday to Alex and Uncle Tom! :)

Click for Babies: Hats are due by October 1st, 2013! Must knit out of purple.
6th month anniversary! This month marks 6th months of recording!! :).
Read Along: The Hobbit: September-October 31st, 2013.

Finished Objects:
Gone for the Weekend Tee, out of Creative Knitting.
Knitted on size 8 needles, out of bubblegum yarn from Lion Brand.

Thin Ice by Laura Linneman
knitted out of Dreaming Colored Starry, Miami Red colorway.
Knitted on size 7 needles.

Oh Happy Day socks!
After thought heel socks by Laura Linneman.

I am remembering those who were affected by 9/11/01. Prayers are going out to you!

Have an awesome week, you can join the group and subscribe to the blog to get an update!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Episode 18: The Sweater Girl!

Hello everyone and welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot and Lady G Podcast! I am Anna your host, it is September 2nd, 2013.
Let's begin with Announcements:

1.) Click for Babies KAL:
You can knit purple hats for the Click for Babies KAL.
Post pictures in the FO thread and send them to me or you can donate locally.

2.) Our first Read Along: The Hobbit by J.R. Tolkien.
Started September 1st-October 31st, 2013.

Finished Objects:
1.) Gone for the Weekend Tee
Knitted out of bubblegum yarn by Lion Brand out of 1 pound.
Knitted on size 8 needles
Buttons from Hobby Lobby.

2.) Mom's and Mine's Feather Weight Cardigan
-By Hannah Fetting
Mom's is out of shimmer colorway
Mine is out of Aracuania
Both knitted on size 6 needles.

3.) Cropped Cardi
-Mine: Colorway: City Tweed DK, held double-in the lemon curd colorway.
Mom's: Sunset colorway from Malabrigo.

1.) Stockinette hat
In the plummy colorway by Red Heart.
2.) Ansel's Dog Sweater in the bright blue colorway by soft secret.

Sorry no links this week!
Have a great week!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Episode 17: Click for Babies

Click for Babies INFORMATION:



CLICK for Babies is a grassroots public education campaign organized by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) in partnership with hospitals, public health and child abuse prevention groups to create awareness of the leading trigger for infant abuse, frustration with infant crying.


Knit or crochet hats PURPLE baby hats (preemie & larger) for hospitals to give to victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome during their November “Period of PURPLE Crying Program.” (see below for hat guidelines and free patterns)


Donate your purple hats in your local area if it is offered.  Click on your state in this map to find locations that may be near you. 

OR they can be mailed to me.  PM me through Ravelry for my mailing address.  I will turn them in for you.

DEADLINE:  Mail hats by October 1. 


*      Grand Prize to be given to person who donates the most hats they knitted themselves.  If there is a tie, a name will be drawn out of a hat.

*      All participants’ names will be entered into a drawing for a prize.


CLICK for Babies’ Website:

Free Knit & Crochet Patterns:

Hat Guidelines: 

*      Caps should be at least 50% purple in color, although no particular shade of purple yarn is required.

*      Caps must be free of straps, strings, pom poms or any other hanging and loose material that may pose as a potential choking or strangling hazard to infants.

*      Caps should not contain any trademarked or copyright protected material, such as, sports team logos or brand names.

*      As a general rule, caps should have a circumference between 7.5-13.5in (19.0-34.0cm) and a height of 3.5-6in (9.0-15.0cm) to fit a newborn infant.

(I read directly off of this piece of paper made off by Mom).

Knitting Info:
Lacy Backtus
Knitted out of Periwrinkle I love this yarn! colorway.
Gone for the weekend tee  (Out of Creative Knitting magazine I got from Chris for my birthday!)
Feather Weight Cardigan by Hannah Fetting

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Episode 16: And the winner is...

Hi, I am Anna  your host, on the right is Greta and on the left is Ansel.
It is August 11th, 2013.

Let's begin with WIPS!
I am working on Gone for the Weekend Tee
Out of bubblegum yarn, from Lion Brand yarn.

The Oh Bouncing Baby blanket will be on Raverly (the pattern) soon.
Hats: Not shown, but I do need test knitters so go to the thread of the Claire Olivia baby hat!
Lala's Simple Shawl by Laura Linnamin from the Knit Girllls Podcast.

I think that is it for this week, have an awesome week!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Episode 14: Sockitis

Hi everyone! I am Anna your host! And welcome! In this episode I show off a couple of socks I knitted, and share sock stories with you! There will be no show notes this week because it's...

Happy 4th of July!
Have a fun and safe 4th of July with your friends and family! 

You can find me at: 
annalovesheep on Raverly, 
& you can join the group! 
May freedom ring... 
-Anna, Ansel & Greta!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Episode Thirteen: Southern Belles!

Episode thirteen pt1 southern belles from Anna Dixon on Vimeo.
Hey ya'll, and welcome to the south (Georgia!) I am Anna your host, and on my left is my grandmother-I call her Nannie-Frances. She is my Mom's Mom. Nannie also crochets and sews!

Anna's WIPS (not in order) 
1.) Honolulu Pink Blanket

  • out of Honolulu Pink yarn 
  • Size 50 needles. 
2.) Go Gryffindor Hitchhiker: 
  • Go Gryffindor yarn by Sunset Stitches. 
  • Size 7 knitting needles. 
3.) Vince's Sock 
  • Dark gray 
  • Classic Yankee Sock pattern (look at other posts for a link) 
  • Size 1 circs. 
4.) Georgia Peach socks 
  • Same pattern-Classic Yankee for the Family (again look at other posts). 
  • Size 1 DPNS.
5.) Log Cabin Blanket 
  • Too many colors to list.

I think that is it for this week! Please add me as a friend, and join our group!

I hope you have an awesome week!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Episode Twelve: Happy Father's Day!

Hello everybody and welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot and Lady G Podcast! I am Anna your host! In this episode you'll get to my my dad! :).

What Anna finished: 
The wedding blanket! 
Knitted on size 50 needles
It is stockinette,
Knitted out of wool ease quick and thick, fishermen colorway.

Dad's socks, 
Knitted on size 1 needles.

1 skein KAL with Heather from Bunni Phish Podcast. 
You must knit 75% of the skein or the whole skein.

We are going to Georgia next week for a wedding! Anna is hoping to be able to record! :).

That is it for this week! Have a great Father's Day! :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Episode Eleven: Awesome Work Week

Hi! And welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot and Lady G Podcast! Anna is your host!
It is June (already?!) 8th, 2013. And welcome!

It's been an awesome week at work! I got so much done, and I love working in an office!

Let's start with WIPS! 
Baby Log Cabin Blanket by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne 
Knitted on size 4 needles
(too many colors to list..sorry!)

Alex's socks (my brother).

Angee socks by Cookie A 

FO's of the week: 
Brittany's cowl (no project page or pattern on Raverly, sorry again!)
A Prize Cowl for you-participate in the Nagging Not so KAL with me!
Dad's socks. 

I think that's it for this week! Have an awesome week!
You can find me, annalovesheep on Raverly
You can find Knitting with Sir Anselot and Lady G Podcast's group here. 


Friday, May 31, 2013

Episode Ten: Start of the 1 Skein KAL

Episode Ten: Start of 1 skein KAL from Anna Dixon on Vimeo.
1 Skein KAL with Heather from Bunni Phish Podcast: 

  • Will start tomorrow, June 1st, 2013-July 31st, 2013
  • You may knit/crochet/weave, 1 skein of yarn. 
  • You must use 75-100% of the yarn. 
  • There will be prizes.
Nagging Not so KAL 2013 

1.) You already must have projects on the needles.
2.) You must set deadlines in order to get them done. (See first post in thread).
3.) There will be prizes!
This KAL will start May 16th, 2013 (Today), and ends August 31st, 2013. :). If you CANNOT finish your project by August 31st, 2013-please do not post that project in your list.
Have fun! :)
Neighbors Helping Newborns KAL 
Their Website
They are accepting the following:

  • sleepers (preemie and newborn)
  • boy knitted hats, 
  • and 30x30 quilt
  • yarn blankets. 

Dad's Socks
Go Gryffindor Hitchhiker 

Grandmother's Favorite Washcloth
True Blood Red Hitchhiker by Martina Behm

Friday, May 24, 2013

Episode Nine: Big News!!

Hello everyone! I have big news in this episode for you! Recording schedule starting after June 3rd, 2013 will be changed to every Thursday!

Movie of the week: Lemonade Mouth can be found on Netflix instant watch. It is a great family movie about a band that starts in detention. Staring Bridget Mindler from Good Luck Charlie.

Anna is working on... 
True Blood Red by Martina Behm
She has gotten almost 24 points done this past week.
Knitted on size 4 needles.

Anna has 0 FO's to show you, yes none! Maybe the Hitchhiker will be an FO for next week... (hopefully).

Smoothie Kick Off Smoothie Pick
Mom is now starting to make smoothies! Here's the latest recipe for you all!
Mango Pineapple Apple Smoothie (2 servings – 1 pt. each)
6 ounces apples juice
4 ounces fresh mango
4 ounces fresh pineapple
1.5 cups ice cubes
Put in a blender and blend

I meant to add:
June 1st-July 31st, 2013 we have Bunni Phish (with Heather) 1 skein KAL. Where you have to knit only with one skein! 
Neighbors Helping Newborns KAL started on May 17th, 2013-June 31st, 2013 (I’ll have to look again!) 
The Nagging KAL (Not sure when it started, I’ll look later) will end August 31st. Set yourself some goals/deadlines!
And that is it for this week! Have an awesome week!
You can find our group here. Join us! :)
You can find Anna here. Add me as a friend! :)
-annalovesheep :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Neighbors Helping Newborns KAL Info

Hey friends!

Welcome to the start of the Neighbors Helping Newborns KAL!
Chatter Thread for Neighbors Helping Newborns! It will run through May 19th, 2013-June 31st, 2013 :) 
PM me if you want my address to send your items to! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Episode Eight: Launch of the Nagging KAL

Welcome to the Podcast! Let's begin with WIPS. 
Let's start with podcast news! 
Ordered fabric from Spoonflower!
-Stole idea from Tina of Knitting Blooms! (Thanks for the idea Tina!)

Nagging KAL 

  • Started May 16th, 2013 (yesterday) and will end on August 31st, 2013
  • You must have projects on the needles. 
  • You may cast on projects if you like. 
  • You must knit to zero projects. 
  • There will be prizes!

1 skein KAL with Bunni Phish (Heather) Podcast!
You must knit out of one skein of yarn.
This KAL will be starting June 1st, 2013-July 31st, 2013!
What are you working on?

Anna is working on... 
True Blood Red Hitchhiker (for Mom) by Martina Behm. 
Cery's Baby Blanket  by Leah J Williams. 
By the way I meant to say it is a square blanket!
Baby Starfish Bib by Elaine Fitzpatrick. 

Preemie Hat (my pattern)

What Anna worked on Embroidery: 
Only on a monkey square! Ain't it cute? :).

That is it for this week! Have an awesome week!
PS: Fill free to post things in our group! I love hearing feedback from viewers and getting to know you! Be active in our group :).

Friday, May 10, 2013

Episode Seven: Happy Mother's Day!

Show Notes: 
Tee Shirt 
Mom's Knitting Facebook album
Mom on Raverly

You can find me annalovesheep on Raverly, friend mom and me! :).
Have a great week, and have a happy Mother's Day!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Episode Six: Recording for One Month!

Vodka Lemonade Cardigan by Baby Cocktails (Thea Coleman)
Jo's Socks 

Wedding blanket that has a deadline in June. It is done woohoo!!
Hitchhiker by Martina Behm
22 Little Clouds by Martina Behm

Additional Notes:
Mom says that we cleaned the house not "I" haha!
Mother Day Special is next week! I am going to be interviewing Mom for the special episode! Stayed tuned, she is a hoot, and she has an accent that will make people flinch!
I am in the Hufflepuff House for HPKCHC. :)
I've been recording for ONE month!! Yay!

There is going to be a KAL with BunniPhish-Heather. You can knit with only ONE skein of yarn.
The KAL will start June 1st, 2013

Have a great awesome week! See you next week for the Mother Day Special Episode!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Episode FIve: Epicness!

Vodka Lemonade Cardigan by Baby Cocktails (Thea Colman)
Knitted on Size 3 knitting needles from Knit Picks
Yellow yarn is from stash yarn, the pink is bubblegum from Lion Brand (One Pound Love)

Sophie+Duncan Mother Bears

That is it for this week, have a fantastic week!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Picture Post #2: Dad's sock (Number two)

Here's Dad's number two sock! (He knows about them, they were supposed to be last year's Christmas socks!)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Episode Four: Monkeys!

Sophie-Mother Bear
Gorgeous Gigantic Blanket (Not on Raverly)

Sleep Sack for Neighbors Helping Newborns
Charlie Mother Bear
Mittens (Not on Raverly)

Goals for next week: 
Finish Sophie.

That is it for this week, have an awesome week!
You can find the Raverly Group Here.  all is welcome here!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

{Picture Post}

Hey everyone! Here's a picture of Greta, on a blanket I'm knitting! =)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Episode Three: Homemade Stitch Markers

Cowl: Mom's pattern (Not on Raverly)
Mittens: (not on Ravelry)
Neighbor's Helping Newborn Sleep Sack (not on Raverly)
sorry, it seems like all the patterns are not on Raverly opps!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Episode Two! Welcome Back!

Episode two welcome back! from Anna Dixon on Vimeo.

Episode Two Video Here

Welcome back everyone! =)

Show Notes: 


Alex's Blanket-knitted in 2011, as a Christmas gift. The yarn is Vanna's choice and "I love this Yarn."
Project page for Alex's blanket.

Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth I love this pattern!
Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth Project page
Mittens for Mom Project Page (Pattern not on Raverly).

Embroidery: Working on the Owl pillows, and possibly the Owl Quilt.

You can contact me:
Annalovesheep on Rav  (friend me!)
Join the group! Raverly Group

Have a great week! See you next week! =) 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Episode One-The Pilot!

Episode One on Vimeo

I will see you... April 6th! Have a great week!

Welcome to the brand new show, brought to you by Anna (annalovesheep on Raverly), and Ansel and Greta! (You will catch them playing at the end of the show!)
Link to show here.. Episode One! The Pilot!
Knitted out of songbird stripes colorway

Finished first pillow case of Have a Hoot Pillow case, and Alex's airforce pillows.