Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Episode 19: Remembering 9/11

Hi everyone, and welcome to Knitting with Sir Anselot! I am your host, Anna. My furry co hosts are Ansel and Greta, also known as Sir Anselot and Lady G!


Happy birthday to Alex and Uncle Tom! :)

Click for Babies: Hats are due by October 1st, 2013! Must knit out of purple.
6th month anniversary! This month marks 6th months of recording!! :).
Read Along: The Hobbit: September-October 31st, 2013.

Finished Objects:
Gone for the Weekend Tee, out of Creative Knitting.
Knitted on size 8 needles, out of bubblegum yarn from Lion Brand.

Thin Ice by Laura Linneman
knitted out of Dreaming Colored Starry, Miami Red colorway.
Knitted on size 7 needles.

Oh Happy Day socks!
After thought heel socks by Laura Linneman.

I am remembering those who were affected by 9/11/01. Prayers are going out to you!

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