Saturday, August 17, 2013

Episode 17: Click for Babies

Click for Babies INFORMATION:



CLICK for Babies is a grassroots public education campaign organized by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) in partnership with hospitals, public health and child abuse prevention groups to create awareness of the leading trigger for infant abuse, frustration with infant crying.


Knit or crochet hats PURPLE baby hats (preemie & larger) for hospitals to give to victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome during their November “Period of PURPLE Crying Program.” (see below for hat guidelines and free patterns)


Donate your purple hats in your local area if it is offered.  Click on your state in this map to find locations that may be near you. 

OR they can be mailed to me.  PM me through Ravelry for my mailing address.  I will turn them in for you.

DEADLINE:  Mail hats by October 1. 


*      Grand Prize to be given to person who donates the most hats they knitted themselves.  If there is a tie, a name will be drawn out of a hat.

*      All participants’ names will be entered into a drawing for a prize.


CLICK for Babies’ Website:

Free Knit & Crochet Patterns:

Hat Guidelines: 

*      Caps should be at least 50% purple in color, although no particular shade of purple yarn is required.

*      Caps must be free of straps, strings, pom poms or any other hanging and loose material that may pose as a potential choking or strangling hazard to infants.

*      Caps should not contain any trademarked or copyright protected material, such as, sports team logos or brand names.

*      As a general rule, caps should have a circumference between 7.5-13.5in (19.0-34.0cm) and a height of 3.5-6in (9.0-15.0cm) to fit a newborn infant.

(I read directly off of this piece of paper made off by Mom).

Knitting Info:
Lacy Backtus
Knitted out of Periwrinkle I love this yarn! colorway.
Gone for the weekend tee  (Out of Creative Knitting magazine I got from Chris for my birthday!)
Feather Weight Cardigan by Hannah Fetting

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